Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Top 5 Chat Apps Frequently Used By Kids

Before the advent of smartphones, communication via cell phones was limited to calls and sending a message via the direct messaging option offered by your service provider. To be honest, that was a great time and occasionally parents find themselves reminiscing about the past. However, lingering on to the past is not the solution to today’s fast telecommunication sector which is fast growing with new inventions to communication modes hence making it even harder for parents to protect their children. But with the growing industry, there are new modes of monitoring as well such as TheOneSpy. Here are top 5 messaging and chat applications frequently used by children that can be easily monitored through TheOneSpy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When College isn’t the Best Choice for Some Kids….

A girl steps out of her car on the
college gate. The driver speeds away, believing that she’ll go inside,
on her own. But she doesn’t. She hurries off and enters the hospital
building, on the opposite side of the road. She sits in the waiting
lounge, impatiently looking at her watch, time and again. She waits
desperately for her boyfriend to show up. Luckily or not, a teacher from
her college had seen her disappearing into the hospital and had
followed her to it, out of sheer curiosity. As their eyes met, the girl
freezes in shock. After a moment of silence, the girl gathers her
efforts, quickly gets up and runs to hide in the washroom. The teacher
pursues her and waits for her to come out. Meanwhile, the boyfriend
finally arrives and gets in touch with the girl. The girl informs him of
the twist in the situation, so they plan to pretend that they are in,
to visit a sick relative. As the teacher insists upon meeting the
acquaintance, the fake drama reaches its end, and the girl is brought to
accountability, inside the Principal’s office. As it turned out, she
had not been attending her classes, now and then. Subsequently, the
parents were informed, who were completely unaware of their daughter’s
excursions. Case closed.
This is a real account of what many
teenagers do in their college lives. Thanks to the teacher, who helped
expose her student! But, are YOU aware of what your teenage child is up
to these days? After all, it wouldn’t be a security guard or a teacher,
whose eye will fall upon your child. Do you know how many classes do
your son or daughter attends or bunks every day or are you informed
about their involvement in a relationship?
Teenagers are in a budding stage, where
their latent desires are blossoming, and their emotions are becoming. At
the same time, this age is imperative, when it comes to education.
Their academic performance and grades in college will directly influence
their further educational career and professional life. Any
distraction, at this stage, can become a stigma for life. As a parent,
you wouldn’t be trading your ignorance against a life-lasting regret.
Would you? Not really!
But how can you possibly be aware of all their personal and social activities, when you are not with them at all times? Come on, rack your brain!
Now, have you reached the same solution as I am about to present?
Yes, you are right. You can monitor them
by using a cell phone monitoring software on their favorite smartphone!
TheOneSpy takes monitoring to an advanced level and let you spy on their surround voices and visuals using the camera and microphone bugging feature. They also let you dig into their instant messages
and get a glimpse into their personal lives. They can record
conversations on the phone and even let you intercept live calls. So,
whether or not college is the best choice for your kid, TheOneSpy app
can keep you informed and make amends before your hard-earned money goes
down the drain.
TheOneSpy software helps you gather logs
from the target phone or even tablets. When you purchase TheOneSpy
software, the company provides you with your credentials, including a
username and a password. This information is used to download the
application on the targeted device as well as to access your control
panel, after the installation of the software program. All the activity
on the monitored device is routed to your online account that you can
access at any time and from any place, provided you have a workable
system and a stable internet connection.
Using TheOneSpy software, you can check out their incoming and outgoing calls and read the sent and received text messages.
TheOneSpy software informs you about their short-term plans and the
type of conversations they have with their friends. You can also dig
into their calendar and appointments to get vibes of their upcoming
plans. You can check out their presence in the college, by using the location tracker. TheOneSpy software not only gives you their exact at-the-moment locations but also reveal their past whereabouts.
So, you would know if your child was actually in college or somewhere
else. You can also view their internet preferences, to find out what’s
keeping them busy.
So you find nothing unusual in their
texts, and you discover that your child is within the parameters of his
educational institute. Now, what? Is that enough to satisfy you? Are you
sure that he/she is not bunking his/her classes or getting involved in
some unethical practice?  TheOneSpy application software spares parents
from all such worries and provides them relief sighs. Now the parents
can be very much aware of what their kids are into.
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cell phone Spy & Cell Phone Tracking Software

Cell phone spy and cell phone spy has become an exceptionally helpful monitoring app for Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPhone, Blackberry, Android & Symbian OS smartphones. While using help of cell phone spy software, you can not only know the precise area of the handset in the serious speedy time but also see the document of calls, text messages and way more.

Why you need cell phone spy, cell phone tracker app

There could be several factors as why to locate the mobile phones. Following can be many of the occasions wherever you'd must have mobile phone tracker to find out the place of the cell phone:

1. Let’s suppose you suspect your kid will probably places the place she or he is not really intended to go. In this sort of a state of affairs, you'll utilize the cell phone spy to know the precise site of one's child at a specific time.

2. In the event you suspect your partner’s loyalty, cell phone spy or cell phone tracker can locate wherever your spouse is. Therefore, you could continue to keep an eye with your partner’s movement and find out whether he or she is cheating on you are not.
How Cell phone spy allows you?

Cell phone spy app not merely locates the handset because of GPS destinations but additionally keeps a track with the pursuits like voice calls, text messages or SMS spy photographs and movies. As a result it is easy to preserve an eye about the movements and pursuits of your respective young children, spouse and employees.

To avail cell phone tracker, all you may need may be to install cell phone spy application for the target handset with world-wide-web entry. The cell phone spy or cell phone tracker operates secretly free of exhibiting any indications for the display. It records many of the pursuits like SMS, Calls, Emails and Areas performed of the users and sends a replicate of such complete facts o your non-public Cell phone spy account via world-wide-web. To watch these information, all you want could be to login the account with person ID and password. This really is how you can keep track of and command your iphone, blackberry, nokia, Samsung, LG and android phones.

Some of the reliable Cell phone spy application are outlined down below:

Flexispy Professional

The moment you set up flexispy, you get to watch your cell cell phone with authority. It information text messages calls, spots, emails and uploads to your personal Cell phone spy account. You possibly can view all the things by logging with the account. This software program charges $ 249 per annum.

Mobile-Spy Software Program 

This cell phone tracker helps iphone, blackberry and android mobile people to monitor the goal cell phone correctly. It data calls, messages, emails and GPS places for the cell phone and sends all of this details in your spy account. The program does not cost you a good deal. A single a whole lot more essential function, this is a fully stealth mobile tracker that actually works secretly so the person can not delete any info.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is he using his Samsung Galaxy to fool you? Find out with Android Spy.

Many times relationships go on perfectly even with their little imperfections inside. Relationships need to work together to be more strong and hence match any obstacle together. Infidelity is never welcome in a relationship, it just breaks the purity in your relationship and if you think that your partner has the tendency to cheat on you with someone else then the Android Spy is the application for you.

The Android spy is not only applicable for you when it comes to catching your partner cheating on you, but you can use it in all cases. If your employee is being suspicious or your son is acting weird, the Android Spy can be used to help you find out anything that might damage your life.

Firstly you can use Android Spy’s feature of call and text recording to check for anything suspicious. If you feel that your partner is talking to someone suspicious when he walks out of the room to pick up the call then you can use the recording from android spy to check what your partner was talking about and most importantly, to whom. This way you will have the peace of mind when you find out that it was nothing important but it will also open your eyes when you hear your partner cheating on you.

Android spy’s feature can be important when it comes to monitoring your teen son. If you feel that your teen is doing drugs or is involved in gambling or multiple sex partners then you can go through your son’s texts and call recordings to retrieve any sort of proof against your sixth sense.

Another feature in android spy lets you monitor the browsing history log in your partner or employee’s phone. By constantly monitoring your partner’s emails you can check if he’s cheating on you by noticing his emails and online credit card receipts when he spends on jewelry or women presents that you don’t get. Also you might feel that your partner is substituting porn for you and this way you can find out the reason behind your decreased sexual attraction.

Android spy’s browsing log feature will let you keep a check on your employee’s activity. If you think that your employee is planning a fraud or stolen something from the company then by going through his emails and IM’s you’ll be able to catch you employee.

Protect Yourself Legally with Phonespy

If you’re an employer or a spouse or even a parent then its extremely important for you to keep a check on what your subordinate, spouse or child does. People don’t usually come and spill their secrets themselves, you need to dig in and find them but then with Phonespy you can find them easily. A recent study claims that mobile phones are the biggest evidence when it comes to any crime as they have the most knowledge and proof in them. If you want to keep your slate clean legally then you can use Spy app to save yourself.

Firstly use the feature of browsing history log to know what you’re the person is doing online. If it’s your employee then keep a check on their actions. See who they talk to and if they’re talking to someone about company’s secrets. Your company’s policies could be adopted or plagiarized and this could cause great distress to your company both financial and positional.

Also use the browsing history log to keep a check on your teen. Know if they’re doing something unsafe on the internet such as hacking others computers or accounts. If found your teen is caught hacking they will have to go to jail for a minimal six years and this is enough to disrupt your teen’s life. So keep your child safe legally .

Another area where the browsing history log could be used is in cases of divorce. If you’ve caught your partner cheating on you and have filed for divorce then use the evidence you’ve caught from your partner’s browsing history to keep yourself legally safe. Let the judge know about the emails and IM’s your partner has shared with his girlfriend or boyfriend and hence take the evidence and use it to your benefit.

Another feature in this app is the call and text recording. It'll let you view all the information available in the calls and texts transferred from the phone you’re checking on. Use this information to save yourself legally. If you’re worried about your teen then use their texts to check if your teen is talking about parties with alcohol or if your teen is doing drugs. If your teen is caught doing underage drinking or possessing drugs then your teen could be taken to jail and this would involve the law and order so save yourself legally.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Use Android Tracking Software to monitor how well your children are dealing with divorce

The process of a divorce is very length and along with the couple undergoing it, it affects the kids in the family as well. Now parents can know how their kid is coping with the divorce using the Android Tracking Software. Once installed in the child’s phone, the Android Tracking Software will inform parents of almost every detail they wish to know about their child. Surely, a divorce does disrupt the family but if parents know exactly how their child is dealing with it, it becomes much easier to talk to the child.

The Android Tracking Software can be installed in any phone and then the installer can start the spying by just logging on to the online account. Being anywhere and at any time, parents simply have to log on to any web browser to find out the details. The Android tracking app lets parents record the surrounding noises with the spy call feature. 

The surrounding recording can be automatically initiated by sending a text from the installer’s phone. With the Android Tracking Software , the recording can start without the child even finding out that his cell phone is a microphone as well. The recordings are then uploaded to an online account which can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Knowing that their child is hanging out with his best friend, parents can use the Android tracking application to listen to the surrounding conversations and hear what he’s talking about. In circumstances like these, children tend to be more open to their friends as compared to their parents. Because of this fact, using the Android Tracking Software to monitor the child’s social interactions is a smart move.

Along with the surrounding recording, the Android Tracking Software can also record phone calls as well. In midst of the crisis, children would surely want to be busy in other things like talking to their friends.  By going online, parents can attain the complete call history. Parents will know when a call is made, what time it’s made, who it’s made to and the call duration as well. The content of the calls can also be heard with the call recording feature of the android mobile spy software.  Listening to exactly how their child talks or whether he sounds emotional about it or if he’s secretly crying, all will be known with the Android Tracking Software.

The Android cell phone spy software can also monitor text messages as well. Just like the calls, the text messages can be reviewed and monitored. Through all these channels, parents can find enough information about their child and how their dealing with the divorce of his parents.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Acquire Android Spy Software

Ways to acquire the most beneficial Android Spy software? Cheated by your spouse has now develop into a story of 5 out of every ten married couples. Even people who are dwelling happily have some (minor) stage of worry in their hearts. The best way to defeat using this worry? You will want to get something which will fulfill your dread and your partner is not going to know about staying spied by you. This could only be performed by putting in Android Monitoring software that may spy on Android Enhanced numbers of conferences or calls in your wife’s cellphone could be due to large workload or even a cruel boss and anguish conduct of your respective husband could be because of to night shifts and many far more purposes. For that reason, to stick to your spouse when she or he is in place of work or out for an office perform will result in significant effects on your relationship if he/she is loyal toward you.

The Android Spy Software will likely be very helpful to catch cheating worker and youngsters.

First of all get the Android Spy or Android Monitoring Software programs from MicroStealth’s web-site to spy on Android phone. The URL is supplied with the conclusion of this web page. Install it to the android mobile mobile which you to would like to be spied. Set up of Android Spy will consider very few minutes. The moment Android Spy software is put in it performs inside of a thoroughly stealth mode and it doesn't demands abnormal sluggish downs so, the focused particular person won't are aware that he/she is seen less than spy software package and all of their things to do might be recorded.

There are actually three variations of Phonespy Android Spy Software just about every version present more or significantly less attributes and their costs are accordingly.

  • Ultimate Android Monitoring
  • Pro Android Spy Software
  • Lite Android Spy App
This is actually the most characteristic abundant model of this app. Its innovative features are:
  • Android Spy Software programs File name and text messages
  • Android Spy permits you to view phone history along with connect with durations and make contact with details.
  • View picture and movies taken and received about the android mobile phone with Android Spy
  • Record the surrounding conversations of your specific android phone with Android Monitoring.
  • View bookmarks, appointment/calendar (particular dates) saved with Android Spy.
  • Android Spy Software tracks the site within the cell phone by GPS tracking.
  • SIM adjust notification (helpful if cellphone is lost or stolen).